Friday, September 16, 2016

Welcome back 2016-2017

WELCOME BACK EVERYONE ,we had a great first meeting and a brilliant turn out , we would like to welcome our whopping 6 new members, we have had a busy summer with all the preparations for the AGM on the 1st &2nd of october we are very excited about this. 
during the meeting we had the visit of Kelly Fogarty the executive chairperson of the IPS, and had lots of exciting show and tell ,was a very busy meeting for her to attend .
We brought in our on going Bee Blocks projects that we did over the summer months and also bags and pincushions we made for the Knitting and stitching show also in october . Lola Leacy our secretary gave a brilliant demonstration on a basting gun , another little tool to save our backs ;) and we had some fantastic show and tell from members that have been working over the summer .
Finally we did the hand over of the Minerva cup , that Maya last years winner gave to LInda this years winner , very exciting indeed .
looking forward to next months meeting with the start of our block of the month project and also our upcoming AGM will be over and we can get ourselves back into a normal routine .

christmas bee blocks August for ann

july bee blocks for lola

june bee blocks  for linda

patchwork bags 




mayas fish scrap bag 

pincushions for our swap

 basting gun demo

margarets award wining piece hand quilted and pieced

 show and tell

 the handing over of our Mineva cup from maya last years winner to linda the new winner

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