Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our first Exhibition

We opened our Exhibition on Friday night at Meubles Furniture Store, Kilkenny.  Mayor Martin Brett  opened the Exhibition.
Mayor Martin Brett and
Chair Barbara Schofield

Mayor Brett's tie pattern looked very like a patchwork quilt.  When it was mentioned to him he offered it to us for fund raising purposes.   When we have decided what to do with it we will let you all know!

Mayor Martin Brett, Store Manager Brid Banville,
Exhibition Co-ordinators Gerladine Ryan and Linda Cowley.
Sitting if front: Barbara Schofield, Chair SM Branch

Quilt made by Members: to be raffled

 A Beautiful Quilt was made by Members of the Group and is being raffled in Aid of the Kilkenny/Carlow Home Care Team

Quilts by Bernie O'Neil (Top) and
Margaret McEvoy (Bottom)

Quilt on bed: Bridget Keane,
Co Tipperary
Quilt by Phyl O'Dwyer, Co Tipperary
Bed Quilt by Geraldine Ryan, Co Carlow
Folded Quilt by Alison Baxter
Some of the quilts in the exhibition

Blue Hexagons by Mary O'Hara
Our Exhibition runs until Sunday 17th April 2011
Raffle Draw will take place at 5pm on that day 

Monday, February 7, 2011

South Midlands Exhibition Details.

Exhibition Name: Six Years of Quilting
Exhibition Dates:  9th to 17th April 2011.

Venue: Meubles Furniture,

Unit 12, Kilkenny Retail & Business Park, Smithlands, Springhill, Kilkenny.

The showroom is open seven days a week and is located on Kilkenny's ring road between the Waterford Road roundabout and the Bothernatounish Road roundabout. (The retail park also contains Woodies DIY and Hickeys Homefocus amongst others).

Opening hours as follows:

10am to 6pm Monday to Thursday and Saturday.

10am to 8pm Friday.

12pm to 6pm Sunday.