Friday, May 8, 2009

May Meeting

We held our AGM last night. Our new committee was voted in. Some of our members brought in their first quilts to show us. It was great to see how some of us started in quilting. Some of the quilts had very little quilting on them, because either we didn't know we had to do it or we didn't know how to do it. Our colour choices might not have been so good. Our fabric choices weren't great. But wow how we have all come on. It was nice to show those that think that their work isn't of the same standard as others, that those people did in fact start in the same place and their work has improved, giving hope to the beginners that theirs will too. The Minerva Cup was donated by the Minerva Patchwork Group in 2007. This is a perpetual trophy won each year in May at the AGM. This year's theme was for a Miniature Quilt. The viewers choice vote went to Tomomi McElwee for her beautiful sampler (photo to follow). There were 5 entries.

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